Monday, January 11, 2010

Photos 11.09 - 1.10

December/Early January Happenings

I thought I'd drop a note to all you hanging on pins and needles waiting to find out more. Is that how the expression goes? I doubt it. Anyway, as any of you know that have gone outside lately, it's cold. The blueberries got planted over the course of a whirlwind Saturday in early December. Since then they've been hammered by frigid temps and bone-chilling wind. I do believe the roots were given ample time to establish though, and thus should weather the snap. Progress otherwise has been slow but steady. The greenhouse tables are up and waiting to grow something (as pictured above). Greenhouse production will begin around mid-February. Our irrigation and heat systems are in the making. The heater situated above the door will be an auxiliary heater powered by propane. Our main heat source will be a 1000 gallon wood-burning water boiler which will heat our home, greenhouse and barn. If all goes as planned, this will allow us to grow in the greenhouse all winter long next year, effectively making us a four-season farm. And fossil-fuel free! So we've been thinning out some unhealthy trees in our woodlot for future fuel. In the process, we were able to establish two more planting beds along the forest's edge for raspberry and elderberry production.
We are continuing the soil-building process on our fields and will be turning over an additional quarter of an acre of botttomland for added vegetable production space. (As soon as the ground thaws and clear skies give us the window we need.)
I'm in the process of gathering e-mails for our listserve. I'll be sending out e-newsletters and CSA info beginning February. If you're interested in receiving communications please drop me a note at Thanks and happy gardening!