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2012 CSA Signup details below...

Harmony Ridge Farms 2012 CSA Registration

It is my pleasure to announce open registration for Harmony Ridge Farms’ 2012 Spring and Summer CSA Program. We are looking forward to an abundant harvest this year and would like for you and yours to share in the bounty. Your support has allowed us to invest in tractor attachments that will allow us to harvest more while expanding our reach in the field. We will farm 5 acres this season, up from 2 ½ last year. Even though we are mechanizing part of the growing process, you can be assured we will continue our policy to select and distribute only the finest quality, all-natural produce, while providing great variety and personalized service. Our CSA shareholders allow us to grow, and I believe the gratitude we feel comes through with each and every box we fill.

With additional land, experience and tools we are equipped to offer additional shares to interested families, couples or individuals. We will limit the number of farm members to ensure we can provide the highest quality product and service.

We are not offering half-shares, but will carry over half shares from 2011. We encourage you to ask a friend, neighbor or family member to purchase a joint membership if need be.

Your weekly produce shares will not be customizable, but will reflect the variety of produce in the field ready for harvest: your crate will be different each week, containing a generous amount of seasonal standards with specialty items mixed in at our discretion. You will never experience ‘feast or famine’ with our CSA.


Abundance. A season full of fresh, naturally-grown and nutrient-rich vegetables and herbs grown by us for you. The season will run from early May to late August. (We will start as early as Mother Nature will allow.)

Variety and Tradition. Vegetable varieties selected for flavor and delivered weekly at the peak of freshness. We grow many hard-to-find heirloom vegetable varieties, and a full compliment of the traditional standbys. We time our harvests to allow for the utmost variety on any given week, but do not skimp on the old favorites.

Unparalleled freshness. Most of the produce is picked within a couple days of delivery.

Weekly recipes. With each produce delivery you’ll find a set of recipes selected for their tried and true flavor, ease and for their inclusion of our vegetables. Often the herb cuttings we provide are called for in the recipes.

Family involvement. The opportunity to help out and learn basic skills on the farm (if so desired).
Environmental and Personal health. A contribution to the local community and ecosystem by supporting a low-waste and chemical-free food production system. A contribution to your family’s health and well-being.

Proximity. We are 3 miles Northwest of Winston-Salem, off Reynolda Rd. Scheduled visits are welcome.

Social opportunities: A Farm to table dinner at a local restaurant and perhaps another event or two depending on time available.

Participation. Be a part of ever-evolving family enterprise. We want you to feel a part of the farm and we believe our personalized service reflects this warmth and gratitude. As we wish to evolve and continually enhance our CSA, we welcome your feedback and advice.

Peace of mind. Know your family’s vegetables are au natural and grown just down the road.

This year’s Spring/Summer program will run 18 weeks with the first delivery/pick-up in early May (date TBA) . The price of our regular membership/share will remain at $675. Deliveries vary in quantity, depending on the season, but weigh between 8 and 18 Lbs. Payment received prior to the harvest season secures your membership and ensures we have the resources we need to produce a wide variety of crops while securing a reliable outlet for our product.

“Plus” Membership

Harmony Ridge will also offer a ‘Plus’ program. ‘Plus’ members will receive all of the above listed benefits in addition to the following:

• Locally sourced free-range eggs (weekly dozen)
• Locally sourced raw honey
• Locally sourced, seasonally available tree fruits and berries. All fruits will be as naturally grown as we can find. To give an idea of quantity any given week…strawberries (2 quart), blueberries (1 quart), Peaches (3-4 Lb), Apples (3-5 Lb).

We have priced the “CSA Plus” at $915. The added cost of the “Plus” program figures in the cost of sourcing, including the time we spend picking fruit and traveling to acquire these goodies.

To secure your CSA share, please send a check payable to Harmony Ridge Farms, 3620 Rosebriar Circle, Winston-Salem, NC 27106 ($675 for regular membership and $915 for a “plus” membership) by Friday, February 24th. You may direct any questions to me, Isaac, at 336.467.1052 or

A note about payments…if you wish to stagger your payment over 3 months you may do so. Please remit the first 1/3rd payment prior to the 2/24/12 deadline. This payment will secure your membership. The following two payments will occur in March and April consecutively. Regular membership paid in this way will result in 3 payments of $225, or for Plus Membership, 3 payments of $305.

A few notes on CSA deliveries. We’ve decided to follow to the schedule we followed last fall. 2011 SUMMER MEMBERS PLEASE NOTE THE CHANGE! Members may choose between one of four delivery options: 1.) Pick-up shares at the farm on Wednesday evenings between 5 and 7:30PM, 2.) meet me in the West End, W-S (location TBD) between 10:30 and 11AM Thursdays or 3.) meet me on the front porch of my parents’ house in the Greenbriar Farms Neighborhood at 3620 Rosebriar Circle, Winston-Salem, 27106 between 12 noon and 1:00PM Thursdays or 4.) request home delivery at an additional charge of $150. Home deliveries will occur early Thursday afternoons. We ask that you choose one option and continue your schedule every week. We can accommodate reschedules with sufficient notice. (I should note we are considering a dropoff in Kernersville as well.)

Thank you all for your time and consideration.

Warm regards,

K. Isaac Oliver

Please kindly remit your payment to renew (or begin) your Harmony Ridge Farms CSA membership by tearing off the bottom portion of this page and sending a check payable to Harmony Ridge Farms, 3620 Rosebriar Circle, Winston-Salem, NC 27106.

Yes! Sign me up. I, ______________________ have enclosed a check for $675 for regular membership. (Or initial $225 for payment plan)

Yes! Sign me up. I, ______________________ have enclosed a check for $915 for PLUS membership. (Or initial $305 for payment plan)

I will be picking up at ____ Harmony Ridge Barn on Wednesday evenings 5PM – 7:30PM

____ West End on Thursday mornings 10:30AM – 11AM

____ The Olivers’ house, 3620 Rosebriar Circle, W-S, 27106, Thursdays, Noon – 1:00 PM

My current e-mail address(es) ____________________________________________

My phone number(s) ____________________________________________

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